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What happened to the travel blog?!

a photo of lee hiking ben ohau in the canterbury region new zealand

For over 3 years Befreewithlee has been a blog all about New Zealand travel- The South Island in particular. I’ve been to some pretty epic places and discovered wonderful gems in my backyard that I just had to share. While the blog is still up on the site, it is no longer my focus.

You may think this is completely out of the blue. But I’m actually going back to my roots and the intention behind why I started Befreewithlee in the first place. Some of you hardcore fans (mum) will remember what I used to write about on the blog but for others, it’s a bit of a shock. 

I used to write about mindset, dealing with depression and anxiety and how to navigate some of the shitty stuff lots of us go through.

I set Befreewithlee up to help myself and others dealing with mental illness. It was a form of healing for me to write about my struggles and to believe I was helping others. But my greatest healing came from spending time in nature and travelling around NZ.

Being in nature was incredibly healing for me. So, I did a lot of it! And you guessed it… started writing about the epic and beautiful places I had discovered.

I’ve always had this thing for immediately sharing what I have learnt. Whether it’s teaching my friends how to drive, ski or to lucid dream I’m always learning and teaching. 

But in the last year I have been through some pretty dramatic life changes, those close to me will know what I’m talking about but for you reading the most notable changes include breaking up with my partner of 10 years, coming off antidepressants and moving towns.

I’ve hit rock bottom of a new level in my life and slowly building new foundations. This includes saying goodbye to the old and welcoming in the new. My mindset work has stepped up a billion levels and I’ve finally connected with my higher self and realised my true purpose in this life.

To teach and guide others. 

But what in?

Something I know oh so well.

The power of the mind. 

My struggle and journey with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and life’s challenges to date has been a wild, wiiiiild journey but I now know I went through it all so I can give back. Remember how I said once I learn something it feels natural to teach about it? I’m now fully stepping into this. 

I’m passionate and excited to help others overcome their bullshit limiting beliefs, step into their true power, discover and live in alignment with their purpose. 

This means letting go of the travel blog. I can’t shake the lack of passion I have for writing about travel. I still love travelling and will never stop sharing my experiences but I know I am meant to help my readers in a deeper way, really connect and change lives. And I’m so excited I’ve finally realised how to do this. 

This also includes coming out of the spiritual closet! 

I’ve always been drawn to spirituality and pondered life’s big questions.  Like why are we here, do aliens exist and that kind of thing. In my own time for most of my adult life I have been delving into finding answers to these questions which has involved checking out the bible and being brainwashed into a cult and waking up, being a full blown atheist to now believing in the law of attraction, aliens and knowing reincarnation is real.

I can’t teach about mindset without acknowledging spirituality and the soul. The mind, body and soul are all interwoven. It’s all connected. I’ve developed my own spirituality and am excited to intertwine spirituality and mindset onto the blog. 

If this resonates with you then I encourage you to stick around. If not, that’s totally fine. The travel blog is still up on this site and won’t be disappearing any time soon. Who knows, I will probably add to it at times. But my focus now is on the topics of mindset, mental health, personal development and all things spiritual. 

I’m excited to see where this new journey will go! 

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll catch you in the next article or on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest! 

Lee X


  1. Jackie says

    Lee! I’m so one of your hard-core fans haha I remember your earlier content around mindfulness too!

    So cool you are shifting back to this space, it sounds like its the perfect time to as well in your life. It is a big change but also not?? Like it feels like you’ve always posted your authentic self and now this is just a new part of that and makes so much sense! Excited to learn from you in all things spiritually in particular ✨

    • Lee-Ann McKenzie says

      Aww Jackie. Messages like this make me feel so supported. Thanks so so much! I am so excited to see where this goes! It’s funny how things work out. Definitely meant to be! xxx

  2. Steve says

    Good on you Lee.
    I’m certainly staying following your blogs & admire you for sharing such an important topic.

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