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10 Ways to navigate loneliness during a spiritual awakening

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We all feel lonely from time to time, especially during a spiritual awakening. But perhaps you don’t really know you’re going through a spiritual awakening or have experienced something in your life that has led you to feel this way. There are many different reasons for feeling lonely. Whatever the reason you’re here, whether it’s experiencing loneliness during a spiritual awakening or feeling lonely in general I know this post is for you.

Let’s get stuck in.

But first, what is a spiritual awakening?

It’s so hard to describe but I like to think of it as waking up to your awareness of reality. It’s like waking up from a dream. When you’re in the dream you don’t usually know any better or that you’re dreaming and it’s the waking up that helps you see you were in fact dreaming.

When you spiritually wake up you take a step back from being on autopilot and realize your reality beyond the restrictions of the ego. Deepak Chopra has an awesome guide to spiritual awakening and describes it as the following:

“Awakening happens when you are no longer living in a dream world where you filter everything through your ego and focusing on the future and the past. Instead, you have an almost simultaneous awareness of your individual self and the connection between that and everything else.”

Just to clarify below are a few signs of spiritual awakening: 

  • Observing your thoughts and noticing things that you never noticed before
  • Craving meaning and purpose
  • Can see the blanket over society. Can go beyond the saying “that’s just how things are”
  • Experience more “coincidences” or synchronicities and deja vu – Angel numbers are a big sign!
  • Realize you are constantly changing and can let go of attachment to beliefs and things
  • Follow what lights you up- Increasingly showing your authentic self and doing what you enjoy
  • Relationship shifts and letting go of people who no longer serve you
  • Spirituality is important in your life
  • Can easily forgive
  • You want to give and be of service- You’re aware that we are all one and want to make the planet a better place because you are in it
  • Awareness of the soul and eternity
  • Your connection to nature and animals is growing
  • You’re sensitive to energy and can sense negativity a mile away
  • Given up old habits that are unhealthy and no longer serving you
  • Connection to the universe

And more!! I love the saying ‘spiritually woke’ but if you are going through any of the above then it’s likely you are going through the levels of spiritual awakening.

The spiritual awakening journey can be incredibly isolating

The spiritual awakening process can be incredibly isolating because we know we are connected to something greater than ourselves.

Rebecca Campbell in her book Light is the New Black emphasises loneliness during a spiritual awakening and states “one of the most challenging things about being a spiritual being in a human body is the feeling of separation. Isolation.” (page 57). She goes on to say:

“While your soul is currently in a physical body (which is separate from others), you are part of a larger whole. A oneness beyond identity, body, and words. And somewhere deep down our soul remembers this. For souls who have experienced more than just the earth plane, this earth experience can feel horribly isolating. For our true essence knows that we are pure beings of light, love and oneness from Source having a human experience. You are divine.” (p.57)

We have this inner knowing that we are never really alone but it’s a constant battle in this human experience. It gets worse with conscious awakening and it seems everyone around you doesn’t fulfill you in the way they used to.

Spiritual awakening and loneliness seems to go hand in hand. As a soul we know we are part of a greater whole but it seems in the times we are living in we have forgotten or are missing a really important human need, that being connection.

What else can make you feel lonely?

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

There are many different reasons for loneliness and feeling of not belonging. Some major reasons for loneliness include going through a break up, moving towns, mental health, bereavement and starting a new job to name a few things.

If you take a look at the dimensions of wellness you see that social connection is one of them. Alongside, emotional, financial, environmental, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and physical. When just one of these dimensions isn’t met we feel a sense of lack and like something is missing. So it’s pretty important we try to meet all of these pillars for our overall well being.

I know all too well what it feels like to experience loneliness during a spiritual awakening.  It’s kinda strange how you can feel lonely yet be surrounded by people.

But what do we do when we feel lonely?

I want to shed some light on this topic and let you reading know that although you feel like it, you are never truly alone and there are some things you can do to help ease your suffering.

Below are a few of my favourite tips to help combat the feelings of loneliness when it creeps into your life!

10 Tips to help you navigate loneliness during a spiritual awakening

There is no one cure to feeling alone during a spiritual awakening, as what works for one person might not work for you. But hopefully some (or even just one) of the tips below will help you feel a little less alone during this time 🙂

1. Spend time with animals

I know you’ve probably heard this before as it’s like the number 1 tip for dealing with loneliness. But spending time with animals is incredibly effective. It also helps with improving mental health. This tip will be easy if you have a pet of your own but if you don’t there are still ways you can get your fix.

If you have a pet at home or can easily access one then do it. But when you’re spending time with them, really take a moment to connect. Be as present as you possibly can.

If you don’t have a pet of your own then not to worry. That’s what pet shops and parks are for! When I’m missing a pet in my life I head to the local pet store and wander around. There are almost always rabbits or guinea pigs in there and even just watching them from afar makes my heart warmer.

Some towns have cat and dog cafes which is an awesome place to hang out with them. Even better if you can convince a human friend to come along too!

But if you like dogs then heading to a place that you know they will be is an awesome idea to at least be near them. I am sure you can steal a pat or two from one walking by!

2. Take a personality test

Okay, random I know but this will help to get to know yourself better and they are usually really accurate and fascinating. I always love diving deeper into my psyche and if you’re reading this blog it’s likely you feel the same. (Try 16 personalities).

It’s like you’re sitting down with a friend who knows you super well and is giving you praise. It feels good. And so does finding out what are your triggers and what you might need to work on.

Other awesome ways to figure out a bit more about yourself include getting an astrology or human design reading or attempting to do it yourself. I also like Sahara Rose’s Dharma quiz which gives you an idea of your soul purpose. Pretty epic!

Delving into your personality helps you to appreciate how important, unique and amazing you really are. Which can help when you’re feeling like you need to connect to something or someone.

3. Go out of your way to connect with people

Your friends can’t help you if they don’t hear from you. I’ve been guilty of expecting my phone to go off when I feel lonely. Like magically my friends will know that I need a yarn. But reaching out is a great thing to do. You don’t even have to mention that you’re feeling lonely!

But perhaps you are looking for other ways to connect with people. When I lived in a new town I had zero friends so I needed to step out of my comfort zone to make some. Or at least feel like I was connecting with people.

Sounds cheesy but try signing up to different groups! I went to this spiritual life church and it was with a bunch of old ladies but that didn’t matter. They were all lovely. I found the group on Facebook.

I know social media can be detrimental at times but it is actually a great place to connect. I have some amazing friends I have never met in person but we chat on Instagram and really connect, support and uplift each other.

To find people to connect with, try searching for hashtags on Instagram that you’re interested in and check out which accounts pop up. Chat with the people you feel inspired to reach out to.

Facebook is a great place to find local groups with similar interests to you. Sometimes there are even groups for people who are new to town. So, if you are into biking search for a biking club, if you are into baking search for a baking club, if you are into spirituality try and find a mediation group. See what’s out there I dare ya!

I do understand that you can be feeling lonely with friends too. But just try not to isolate yourself.

4. Take yourself on a date

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Even if you are in a relationship this is an awesome thing to do and the ultimate way to show yourself some love. Take that bath just because, go star gazing just because, light a candle and have a glass of wine just because. No other reason than the fact that you are important and deserve to be looked after right now. The best person to look after you and ease you out of your feelings of loneliness is in fact you!

5. Listen to hypnosis or a guided meditation

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and can be used to help rewire your thinking. If you’ve delved into spiritual or personal development then it’s likely you are familiar with these tools.

Meditation is one of my favourite tools to bring me back to center and not get carried away by my thoughts. Oftentimes when we are lonely we wallow in self pity and end up enhancing our feelings of loneliness. With meditation it gives you a chance to stop that thought train and just sit with your feelings without judgement which can ease the load. A guided meditation is great because listening to someone talk in your ear will naturally help you feel less alone.

Some of my favourite guided meditations can be found on the app Calm. And one of my favourite hypnoses is from Manifestation Babe (check out her library/podcast as she has a free hypnosis download if you leave a review on her podcast.)

But if you are looking at trying meditation or want a few tools to add to your practise be sure to grab my 6 step meditation guide via the form below!

6. Ask yourself what will make you feel good right now and do just that.

Depression and spiritual awakening can go hand in hand. It’s important to look after yourself. Sounds super obvious but the important thing here is that you want to switch focus from your feelings of loneliness. Not ignore them, but elevate yourself towards something that makes you feel good. So, ask yourself what is it that would make you feel good right now? Is it watching some trashy TV show, going for a walk, eating that chocolate bar? Lying down on your bed? Whatever it is that will make you feel good, do it!

7. Journal

I’m a big believer that we have the answers hidden inside of us. We forget how truly powerful we are and often look for external validation when actually all we need is inside of us. Lots of the time when you’re feeling lonely you don’t actually know why and journaling can help to identify what it is you’re truly feeling. Even if you do know why you’re feeling lonely, journaling can help with the pain. Some prompts to get you started include:

What am I feeling right now? 

What am I most afraid of? (when it comes to loneliness)

When do I feel the most connected? 

How do I want to feel?

What can I do to make myself feel better? 

Make sure to acknowledge 5-10 things that you appreciate in this moment. Appreciation is such a high vibration and will naturally help you feel better. Can you find ways to appreciate being lonely? What has it taught you?

Once you’ve released your thoughts to paper go and do something fun! Whatever it is that means to you. Baking, reading fiction, taking a walk, dancing to music just go do something that you enjoy.

Affirmations were one of my favourite tools when I was experiencing loneliness during a spiritual awakening. 

8. Make plans for a future holiday

Even if you don’t have the money right now pretend you do. Start dreaming. If you could have any holiday in the world and didn’t have to worry about expenses what would you do?

I dare you to dream as big as possible. This is a super fun exercise and you can start creating a vision board of all the places you want to go. Read a few blogs, get inspired, start dreaming about the future that can be yours.

You may be wondering how this will make you feel less lonely. It won’t initially. But I use it to lift my spirit and focus on something positive which is always a good thing.

9. Connect with a stranger

On the street by saying hello, in the coffee shop, the bus driver, anywhere you have the opportunity. Be sure to acknowledge their presence and really see them. It’s about mindful communication here. You’ll be surprised by the connection you can make. And you might even brighten their day!

10. Dance

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Even if you think you’re no good. Especially if you think you’re no good! Move your body in whatever way the music comes out. It’s amazing what stored up energy is released. Sometimes the easiest way to feel better is to stop thinking and just be. Dancing helps with this.

Alright. That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully, some of these tips have helped and remember to be kind to yourself. Just know we are hardwired to connect both as a human and a soul so it’s completely okay to feel lonely.

And be sure to let me know if any of these tips helped and if you have any additional ones you would like to share in the comments below especially if you have experienced life after a spiritual awakening!

Until next time,

Lee X

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