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Being single is awesome – Here’s 10 reasons why!

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You are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. Being single is awesome and you are a badass babe, never forget it!

I just had to put that at the beginning of this article because if you’re reading this it’s likely you have felt the strain and pressure from society to be in a relationship. Perhaps you’ve also felt unworthy or like you are missing something. It’s easy to see why you could feel this way when the norm in society is to be in a relationship.

But I’m here to tell you that although at times it may suck, being single is actually awesome and there are many things to love about this stage of your life!

What’s wrong with being single anyway? 

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But it can be isolating. There is a certain mold we are ‘supposed’ to fit in and being single can feel like you are doing something wrong. Perhaps it seems like everyone is asking you… “sooo have you met anyone?” It comes from a place of love. But it makes you feel like you are broken. Like being single is a byproduct of failure.

It’s funny how your reticular activating system works. When you want a new car you see it everywhere. When you’re single you see couples EVERYWHERE. The fomo is real. You might hate being the only single friend. It’s easy to see why people rush into relationships to fill that void, even if it’s not intentional.

Being single is a journey. It’s like a spiral. Embracing single life can be hard. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages of being single. There are so many different stages you go through, and then re-go through again. Sometimes you’re rocking it, other times you’re watching Eat Pray Love and Bridget Jones on repeat.

Being single for a while leads to growth. There is no doubt about it. Everyone who has experienced singledom for even a little bit of time is pretty strong in my books. That’s not to say being in a relationship isn’t hard but being single is something completely different.

Anyway, this isn’t a sad post about how being single sucks. It’s a post about why being single is actually awesome at times and here’s why.

10 reasons why being single is awesome! 

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1. You can eat what you want, how you want

Baked beans on toast for dinner? Cereal? Wine? You do you girl. Nobody can tell you any different!

I’m guilty of eating straight out of the pot. It’s actually great and means less dishes! What’s the point of making an extra dish? Pure laziness or freedom? I’ll let you be the judge.

Side note: Often we do things because that’s how they are always done or that’s how things are supposed to be done. But who said that should be the way? Who made it a rule? And why are you following it? I like to change up my habits now and again just to step out of autopilot.

Elizabeth April is such a legend and talked about this in one of her podcast episodes. She decided to do something really simple and eat after brushing her teeth. Would you do that? Surely you’ll get a cavity, right? While studies may have shown that you are more likely to get cavities if you eat after brushing your teeth it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The intention is everything here.

Perhaps check in with yourself and see if there is anything you could change up. Just because. Maybe you wash your face as soon as you get up. What about making a cup of tea first. Stepping out of your ingrained routine is an awesome way to realize you control your reality. You can shape it any way you want.

2. You get the entire bed to yourself

Ultimate freedom right there! Single life is the best life! Unless you have a cat or a dog who thinks they own half.

For so long I kept to ‘my side’ of the bed out of habit. But now I sleep in the middle and stretch out. I have the entire bed to myself and there is no one wiggling or stealing my duvet. Pretty cool.

3. You can date whoever you want

Yes you can. It doesn’t matter what you think your ‘type’ is. Try to be open. Meet people just for the sake of it. You never know where it could lead. Dating is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people, even friends. But perhaps the best part is the stories you can tell. Moments you will look back on and laugh. It can be fun, draining, or plain scary but either way, it’s growth.

4. You can watch whatever you want on Netflix

Hello Emily in Paris. Or another perhaps cringy chick series. It’s all on you now and that’s fucking awesome.

5. You can be selfish

This is the time to do anything and everything you want. There is nobody telling you no. Or, holding you back!

I personally love that I can make decisions based on what I want and don’t have to consider how it’ll make the other person feel. Even simple things like deciding what to have for dinner.

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6. You seek out more opportunities

It’s like you are more open to things in general, seeking adventure, taking risks and that type of thing.

7. You can chase your dreams wholeheartedly

It’s not selfish. There is nothing holding you back, apart from yourself.

8. You get to know yourself better

In all kinds of ways! Being single is an awesome time to get into new hobbies and figure out what you like!

9. You make more time for your friends

Although they are always important they become extremely important when you are single. When you travel alone or do anything alone you are almost forced to step out of your comfort zone and talk to people.

10. You learn to be happy in your own company

This can take some time. But there is nothing more empowering than knowing you are just fine by yourself and that you don’t need anyone to make you happy. You are so powerful and if you can be happy in your own company.

I know I definitely felt lonely for a long time. And sometimes I feel kick ass by myself and being single is awesome. Other times I feel like I’m missing something and I’m sick of being the single friend! But it’s all part of the process.

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So, all of you single people out there. Own it. Enjoy it. Single life is awesome and it might not last long. You’ll want these times back at some stage. If it does last a long time then great, that’s cool too. There is no pressure except the pressure you put on yourself.

If you get anything out of this post it’s this. Don’t listen to society, your parents, the media, you are not broken, you are in exactly the right place in your life and there is nothing wrong with you. There are some incredible things about being single and sometimes you just need a wee reminder that it’s all good. You got this girl!

But if you are craving a relationship, that’s cool too. There are things you can do to bring it into your life quickly and easily. If you are wanting to find your partner in crime then get really clear, epically clear on who it is you want to bring into your life. What are their values? How do you feel when you’re with them? The best place to start is definitely Manifestation Babes freebie library. She has an awesome PDF on bringing your soul mate into your life. Check it out. And if anything just trust in divine timing. Surrender and let it all unfold knowing you are worthy and in exactly the right place.

I’m learning to love my single life but I am no expert. Be sure to let me know in the comments below why you think being single is awesome. I would love to know! 🙂

Until next time,

Lee X

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