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Power Hour Coaching Package

Are you ready to show up as your most authentic self and create an aligned, lit up life for yourself?

You know you are meant for more. You know life is supposed to feel different – it’s  supposed to feel more exciting, fulfilled and meaningful. You know it’s time to start creating that life for yourself. 

It’s time to show up for yourself and embrace the life you know you deserve. But change can feel scary right? Even the most beautiful, transformative and meaningful change. And it can feel challenging to overcome those bullshit limiting beliefs and getting unstuck. 

That’s where I come in, I’ll coach you through exactly that! We’ll overcome what’s holding you back and  together craft a life that feels free, expansive and oh-so-good for you! I’ll be there supporting, coaching and guiding you the whole way.

I’ll coach you to create the necessary shifts and changes you need in your life. Life looks different for everyone and there is no one size fits all approach. My coaching reflects this – it’s uniquely tailored to you. You show up as you are with anything that is most pressing on your heart and mind and we go from there. 

This Power Hour Coaching Package is for you if one or more of the below resonates:

  • You’re inner mean girl has been playing up a lot lately 
  • You feel like you’re stuck in a rut or floating through life 
  • You’re sick of saying yes to things when you really mean no 
  • You know your perfectionism is keeping you stuck and want to change this 
  • You want to be confident in yourself including your decisions and choices 
  • You’re ready to stop living in fear of failure, rejection and feeling never quite good enough 
  • You’re tired of your overwhelming to do list and believing life is oh so hard
  • You have dreams and goals you want to bring into reality and you’re struggling to create momentum
  • You’re craving clarity & direction
  • You’re ready to create the self-love you know you need and deserve

Are you ready to take conscious control of your life and prioritise yourself and your personal growth? There is no better investment than yourself, I believe. Think of this as a loving workout for your mind and soul. The perfect gift you can give yourself. 

What the Power Hour Coaching package can do for you: 

  • Together we can identify your unique talents and values AND begin to create a plan for you to live in alignment with them. 
  • We can start you on the path to confident decision making and identify what is standing in your way. 
  • You can learn a few golden nuggets and powerful tools to escape the trap of your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and lifeless.
  • You can start to implement the tools and strategies to adopt the belief that you are worthy of everything you desire and truly know you are worthy just by being you.
  • You can begin the process of stopping second guessing yourself and focusing on “what they think” and saying yes when you really mean no.
  • You can start the transformation to craft a life that is your own, free of other people’s opinions and show up for yourself wholeheartedly

Your Power Hour Coaching Package Includes: 


This can be a ground-breaking exercise. You can learn so much about yourself, your strengths, hearts desires and more from filling in the questionaire! This will help you and me to understand what areas of your life you are wanting to create change in and what you most want to touch on in our coaching call. 


Our first coaching call is 60 minutes. This is a jam packed call. We dive into what is most pressing on your heart and gain clarity, clear blocks as well as create some incredible juicy action steps for you to implement over the coming weeks. It’s incredible what shifts can be made and what we can cover in just 1 hour!

Our second coaching call is for 30 minutes at the end of our 2 weeks together. We will review your actions, insights, lessons and learnings over the last 2 weeks and make a plan for you going forward.

Both calls are held on Zoom. This means you can be anywhere in the world!

Voxer Messaging Support

I am here to support you 100% of the way. You will have access to me for 2 weeks after our session for some powerful accountability as well as to talk through struggles, resistance, blocks, action steps, insights and a confidence boost when you need it. This is an incredible service to take advantage of to keep you on track as you can make massive progress on your path from this extra assistance. I check messages at least once daily Monday – Friday. 

Your Unique Roadmap 

I will email you your action steps we come up with during our coaching sessions so you can get going straight away with your plan and can also refer back to when you need.

YOUR INVESTMENT: $249 NZD (payment plans are available on request at no additional cost).

*Limit to one Power Hour Coaching package per person. 

Any questions send me a DM on Instagram or email me at 

Client love

Coaching has truly changed my mindset and empowered me to change my life for the better.

Zoe Lloyd


Zoe Lloyd

Coaching has truly changed my mindset and empowered me to change my life for the better.
The results I have seen from coaching are incredible. I learned so much about myself and I am proud of...

Sophie Couper


Sophie Couper

The results I have seen from coaching are incredible. I learned so much about myself and I am proud of how I was open to trying new things.
After finishing working with Lee I have realised how much of a strong ass woman I am when I take...

Rachel Jones


Rachel Jones

After finishing working with Lee I have realised how much of a strong ass woman I am when I take the time to back myself, and celebrate my achievements no matter how small.