Hello adventure seeker! 

Welcome to befreewithlee! So glad you could make it. My name is Lee-Ann McKenzie and I am here to inspire you to create a life of freedom through adventure and positive well-being.

My journey so far:

A year and a half ago I completed my Criminal Justice degree at University. While I learnt lots of interesting stuff during the process by the end of it I come to the realisation: This world is full of horrible things. I realised my time and energy can be better spent than working in this area that never really changes. I don’t need to spend my time learning about the negative things in this world, rather I could spend my time learning how to become a more creative and positive person and leading like minded people to do the same.

While right now I am not doing exactly what I want to do. I am on my journey. I am trying to feel a sense of freedom while working until one day my dreams can be a reality. On this blog I will share details of my hiking and travelling trips while incorporating positive well-being, in the hope that I can help even one person lead a better life!

I guess you could call this a journey to freedom blog incorporating anything adventure and well-being.

Hopefully it will interest you…

So, come along and be free with me!

Lee X