4 Ways To Stop Stressing About Money

Stressing about money is a rather pointless exercise. No good comes from sitting and fretting about what you can’t control. Accepting that money is an energy and that it comes and goes, often without our control is the key to a positive relationship with it. I acknowledge the force behind worrying about money is strong and a hard habit to break. The way we think about money is defined by how we saw our parents deal with money, by how we see others deal with it and it is defined by our needs and wants. The good news? You can change your relationship with it.

Do you stress about not having enough money? If you are reading this then it is likely you do.

Are you being reckless with your money? Could you pull back the strings? Or, are you doing your best and unexpected bills keep getting in the way? If you are doing your best then I highly commend you. We honestly just need to understand that money is an energy which we only have limited control over.

I have been experiencing a little bit of stress at the moment in regards to money problems and I’ve realised it is such a waste of my time. There is literally no point in putting my body through the unnecessary stress. And you know what? Neither should you.

I was listening to a podcast once about this rich man and the good things about being rich. He said the only good thing about having a lot of money was the fact he didn’t have to stress about it. Imagine not having to stress about money? The thing is: We have the power to do this even without being rich. It is all about a mindset shift.

If you know you are stressing about money and are unsure of how to kick the stress away please read the tips below and hopefully they will help to minimise the stress you feel and even better, eliminate it!

1. You have everything you need:

In this day you are extremely fortunate if you are able to have all your basic necessities met. Are you able to eat every day? Are you able to shower? Do you have clothes to wear? Do you have a comfy bed to sleep on? If you answered yes to these questions then you likely have enough, everything else is just extra.

I know this sounds kind of dull but it’s true. Do you really need to worry if it’s going to take you a few extra months to save for that much needed holiday? You are okay right where you are and with a little time and patience you will be able to get those extra things you want.

If you feel as though money stress is getting the better of you and you will never be able to do what you want in life, I really suggest heading away into nature. Even just for a day. This will truly help you to realise how little you need to survive and even enjoy life while helping you to reflect on how much you actually have.

2. Give. A little or a lot:

I know this sounds counter productive when you have little money but actually giving from the little you have can, in turn give you more than you could have ever asked for.

You will always be in a better position than someone else. Appreciating this and doing what you can is an incredible feeling.

Maybe you see a person begging on the side of the street and toss them a few dollars or cents. Or, maybe you know a friend is having a hard time and you would like to comfort them. Perhaps taking them out to coffee could be a nice treat for you and your loved one. I know you may have budgeted to not spend any money on unnecessary items but, I think when you spare a few dollars for someone else (Even $5) in times of money stress you are doing yourself and the other person a world of good. It will help you to realise you do have control over some of your money.

I guarantee you will feel better after spending a little bit on someone else. And if not, at least you tried!

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3. Plan a little:

If you’re getting seriously overwhelmed about money, one incredible tool is making a budget. Work out how much comes into your bank account each week and how much comes out. Bills, food and petrol (for example) need to be your priority and what you have left over is yours to plan with. There are going to be those weeks when all of that little money you have to save goes on fixing your car or going to the doctors and as annoying as it is, you can’t really plan for it. Do what you can to make a budget and some weeks you will be able to save- If you are strong willed and determined. The weeks when your spending money is gone just be kind to yourself and realise one day you will get more money.

4. Do what you can everyday:

If you are really struggling and know you need to start saving then a handy tool is to do what you can everyday to work towards your goal. If you are saving or trying to cut down your spending money then the best way to do this is to be mindful and work towards achieving your task. For example: Maybe your work colleagues are going out for coffee and you know you shouldn’t really spend that extra $5 on a Soya Late (if you have already treated yourself this week), then stopping yourself from doing this is a powerful way to be working towards your goal. I am a big believer in treating yourself but maybe opt for a budget friendly treat instead. (Like that instant coffee in the staff room… lol).

Another idea could be conserving the water you use at home to make your water bill a little cheaper at the end of the month. Or planning your grocery list to be as budget friendly as possible. Even walking to work or catching the bus instead of using your car could be a potentially big money saver!

No matter what it is, big or small you do have some power to control the flow of money in your life. Remembering this is pretty important when you feel as though there is nothing you can do and money is being sucked out of you.

I really hope these tips serve as some use to you and ease the pressure you are putting on yourself with your money woes. Remember to take part in active self care when you are feeling overwhelmed. If you would like some examples please head over to my blog post about it by clicking here. 

Thanks for reading and you can do it! Until next time,

Lee X

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