4 Signs You Hate Your Job

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As the year comes to an end so to does our reflections on the past years triumphs, fails, falls and wins. How have you gone this year? Are you proud of what you have achieved? Or, are you aiming for something more? Looking back gives us a good insight into what we want to start doing in the future and if one of them is to leave your job and start doing something you enjoy, then I highly commend you.

Has your current job or jobs left you dead for energy this year? Have you felt like collapsing in bed on a Sunday night and retreating into a cave to avoid work? If so, you’re not alone. Work doesn’t have to and should not ruin our life.

hate your job
As you reflect on the past year and realise you spent a large portion of it in dread, a bit down in the dumps or unhappy, then maybe you considered your employment as the cause of your woes? Take a look at these few tell-tale signs below that it’s your job that makes you seriously unhappy.

1. You hate Sundays.

To people who enjoy their jobs Sundays are a time of rest and catch ups with their hobbies, family and friends. But, this is not always the case for those that hate their jobs.

People that hate their jobs spend the whole of Sunday dreading the next day. I know this sounds like a waste of time but often you can’t help it.

Just take a little moment to reflect… Do you feel a little down on a Sunday knowing you have to go to work the next day?

Do you find you are enjoying a moment and then out of nowhere this little thought says…

“You have work tomorrow… You can not enjoy this moment forever”.

If you’re in the midst of your chilled out Sunday and suddenly feel a bit of sadness because you can’t continue doing what you want tomorrow, then this is without a doubt a sign you hate your job.

2. You need coffee to get through the day.

In itself this doesn’t sound so bad as coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and makes us feel amazing but, it shouldn’t be abused.

If you find yourself drinking excessive amounts of coffee just to get through your day or, only become a coffee drinker on workdays or, struggle to talk to any one properly at work before you’ve had a coffee then this could be a sign you can’t function without it.

If coffee brings you more happiness than the work you’re doing then maybe this is a hint you really do hate your job.

3. You wake up on a work day and can’t wait for bed that evening.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s 6 am and your alarm bell has just gone off. You are laying in bed for a few minutes in dread of the thought of having to get up and out of the comfy sheets for another day of hard work. Just as you lift your head off your pillow and move your leg out from under the covers you think to yourself…

“I can’t wait to get back in here tonight”.

The thought of having to get up out of your comfy bed and go to a place you don’t enjoy, only to be so exhausted you hit the pillow as soon as you’ve had dinner that night and then repeat this process again 5 times a week, is no way to live and a definite sign you hate your job.

4. Your colleagues affect your weekend.

You get out of work on a Friday and think thank God I do not have to go into that place for 2 days, I’m free! And then your weekend rolls around and you can’t shake the thoughts of that negative Nancy who criticised your work and managed to get under your skin. You say to yourself…

“On Monday I’m going to have words to them”

And then you spend your whole weekend thinking of conflict management strategies.

If the thought of someone you dislike at work is rolling over into your ‘me time’ then you have to second guess if your job is worth that much suffering.

No one should make you feel as though you are not worthy and especially not when you are trying to enjoy your weekend.

I know it is extremely hard to get that ringing out of your ear when a colleague has annoyed you. If this is a constant occurrence during your weekends then this is definitely a sign you hate your job.

Although this post has focused on signs you hate your job and had a rather negative stance, there is good news! The good news is you can cope with your job and learn ways of dealing with the above symptoms with a few simple and easy tips.

Read my blog post about it by clicking here. 

If you don’t want to put the time and energy into learning tools to over-come these negative symptoms of work then I hope you know you can actually leave your job. I highly encourage people to strive for a job they love but I understand this is not always easy.

Be patient, make plans, be kind to yourself and you will get to where you want to be.

With love,

Lee X

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