10 Self-Love Ideas For When You Have Some ‘Me’ Time

Scheduling self-love time seems almost impossible in this busy and time hungry world of ours. But, it is possible! I guarantee there will be some space in the day to schedule some ‘me’ time. Once you make this a regular thing I bet you will be kicking yourself for not trying it sooner! Even scheduling 1 minute of time for yourself will help to boost your well-being and will be showing some serious self-love.  


Not sure what to do to show self-love when you have some ‘me’ time? Hopefully these tips below will serve as some use to you!

  1. Buy some bath salts:

    There is nothing more relaxing than having a bath at the end of the day with your favourite smelly. Maybe even grab a glass of wine? Or bring your book in there too? Candles are always a nice touch. There are so many incredible bath salts out there at the moment. If you’re stuck for choice I would recommend heading into your local Lush shop (or online) to nosey at their beautiful range!

  2. Grab a coffee/hot drink/ smoothie:

    Treat yourself! Once you have your favourite beverage of choice actually sit down and enjoy this time. Take a few minutes to be mindful of your surroundings and really tune into the taste of your drink. This is all about you, you deserve this time!

  3. Go for a walk:

    Pretty simple but ever powerful. Walking can help you de-stress and let go of the space you were in a few moments ago. Enjoy your surroundings and most importantly enjoy yourself.

  4. Listen to a guided meditation:

    A super easy and super effective way to tune into yourself and enjoy the few minutes of time you have. After even just 5 minutes of meditation you will feel calmer, clearer and ready to get back into your day. If your stuck on what to listen to head over to my blog post for some wonderful guided meditation resources, click here. 

  5. Practise people watching:

    This seems like a random way to enjoy your me time right? But, I urge you it is a lot of fun! You get to notice the wonderful and weird people who are in the city/town of yours and get to appreciate how unique everyone is. Where to people watch? Anywhere, the best spots are airports, cafes, restaurants, malls, libraries and anywhere you can sit or stand without looking like a stalker!

  6. Read a book:

    Simple and a pretty perfect way to relax. Reading a book is possible at any time of the day! If you only get some ‘me’ time before bed then reading a book is the way to go.

  7. Cook a nice meal:

    There is nothing better than going to the supermarket and grabbing all the items you need to make a delicious meal! Appreciate the food you have on offer and spend the time cooking with some light music and a glass of wine or two, you deserve it!

  8. Stretch!

    In the park, at home, in your car, in the office or anywhere that you are where you can spare a couple of minutes! I seriously underestimate the value of stretching, do you do this too? Stretching is a fantastic way to relax and is a practise you can instantly feel better from doing.

  9. Ring someone you love:

    It is always a nice feeling hearing from loved ones. We are so lucky to have these beautiful people in our lives. Making your ‘me’ time about others is actually a great way to make yourself feel good.

  10. Pet an animal:

    Nothing feels better than receiving love and kindness from an animal. Maybe, you have your own pet? Then spend some quality time with them with no distractions! If you don’t have a pet then how about heading to the nearest pet shop and getting immersed in all the fluffy goodness there? If you don’t live near a local pet shop then, maybe you could head down to your local park and hope to catch a pet or two from a playful dog. Or, sit down and listen to the incredible bird chirps around you.


So there you have it. I really hope these self-love tips will be useful for you! They should be easy enough to get started on in the next space of ‘me’ time you can schedule! Your body and mind will thank you for it, I promise!


Until next time,

Lee X 

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    1. Hey Kirsten! I am so glad you are working on theses self-love practises too! We can help to remind each other to do these things more often! 🙂

    1. Thanks Brian! I love that you try to do a walk everyday! Walking is such a wonderful tool to help declutter the mind! Keep up the good work 🙂