3 Ways to Find a Happy Medium With Technology


Do you ever ponder about today’s world full of technology and think life could be a lot simpler without certain parts of it? I often wonder what it would have been like in my parents days when you had to actually go over to someone’s house, write a letter or phone someone up to stay in contact. Now it’s as easy as a tap on your smart phone.

There is no doubt that technology has it’s place in todays society but surely we could step back into the “good old days” from time to time. I would be interested to see if any of you millennials out there also agree. Below is a little list I have configured to help those of you who like me, are guilty of spending too much time in front of your favourite screen.


Firstly, I would like to acknowledge one of my irresistible pet hates about technology.

Staring at a screen:

Whether it’s a laptop, TV or iPhone screen I believe I (and maybe you?) are spending too much time in front of them. I am guilty of taking my phone everywhere! Even to the bathroom. Do you do this too? I know I am not alone… Surely it’s not good for us to stare at a screen all day. While I was at university I was even prescribed glasses so I could see my laptop screen without the artificial glear getting in the way. That definitely rung home that it’s definitely not natural to stare at a screen all day…

I was also talking to my colleague the other day and while she was in the United States she visited an information centre that had electronic leaflets that you could just flick through. While this is pretty cool and definitely saves on paper, I couldn’t help but think about what the future is going to be like! Next we are all going to be microchipped and have cellphones coming out of our arms.

There has to be a happy medium out there between staring at screen and living a meaningful life so in an attempt to overcome this beast, below are a few tips and tricks I thought you and I could try.

1. Take one or two good photos and leave it at that.

Unless you have a passion for photography there is no need to take a billion selfies or 500 photos of the exact same beach. As you are aware I love hiking and absolutely adore being out in nature but I am often so distracted by capturing photos of my surroundings that I forget to actually enjoy myself and live in the moment. I find I always have my phone close at hand. This is incase I come across something beautiful that I have to share. Why can’t I leave my phone behind? Are you guilty of this too? It’s a silly addiction I’ve had since I was young that I have to break. I’ve decided the only way to stop this is by keeping my phone in my backpack or car and limit myself to a couple of good captures per trip. There is no need to be constantly taking photos. I dare you to also give this a try!

2. Have a social media free day a week:

This should be pretty easy right? I bet it will be harder than you think. I have seen quite a few neat ideas to cut technology for a day or two, including the 40 hour famine (doing 40 hours of no technology instead of 40 hours of no food) so it’s definitely not a new phenomenon. Cutting out social media for even just one day will help you to feel more connected to your surroundings and may even help you to take up another hobby! Or maybe even read a few more pages of your book.

3. Go camping: 

This is a win win, being out in nature and going somewhere where you don’t have reception and can’t use computers or phones. I find that I can’t help but feel as though someone wants something from me when I have my phone on and as though I am missing out if I am not checking it daily. When I am away camping I feel an enormous freedom not having my phone connected to my hand. If you don’t like camping maybe you could go away for the day and leave your phone at home? Or in the back seat of your car incase of an emergency. 

I’ll keep this short because long posts can be tedious. Ultimately, I think we could all benefit from technology breaks in our lives. Let me know in the comments if any of you have tried this before and if you have any additional ideas you would like to share!
Lee x

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  1. Love this post! I am thinking the same so often! guilty of being in front of the screen waaaaay to often!! but I always try the not picture thing and enjoy the moment, on all my travels! good idea though to also include it in your every day life! awesome :*

    1. Thanks so much Sara! Ah, I know it’s such a bad habit a lot of us have! When you’re travelling it’s extremely hard not to take a billion photos! Keep it up 🙂