3 Delicious Teas That Will Increase Your Well-Being


For those of you that know me are aware I am an obsessive tea drinker. I don’t know what it is about this wonderful beverage that makes me go a little loopy if I don’t have at LEAST one a day. I have decided since I love tea so much I will share with you all some of my favourite teas in the hope that you will also enjoy them and jump on my band waggon to be a tea maniac!

My 3 favourite teas…

(Please be aware I am not an affiliate for any of these companies, I am not getting paid or am in any way getting a benefit from writing about them. I have written this post simply because I adore these teas and want to share their goodness with you).

Number 1:

Okay so this is a pretty basic simple supermarket tea that I have found to be an absolute gem!

Red Seal green tea

This tea is delicious, effective and I can drink at least 5 cups a day. It’s flavour is very elegant and is in no way overpowering like I have experienced with some green teas.
Tasty and not too strong I can have bag after bag. If you feel like a hot healthy drink and don’t want to be overwhelmed with flavour then this is the tea for you. I know lots of people hate the taste of green tea but I urge you to give this one a go as green tea has so many benefits!
The benefits:
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and can improve brain function and even help you to lose weight. Honestly after I drink a cup of green tea I feel less bloated, fresh and healthier. My digestion improves when I drink green tea and I find it is most effective when I drink it straight after a meal!
Cost: This tea is very cheap! A 50 bag tea box is about $4.50 from any supermarket and it is often on special. There’s no reason not to try!

Tea number 2: 

Organic India Holy Basil Tea:

I got this tea when I was having trouble sleeping because it was supposed to reduce stress, anxiety and help to relax. I can whole heartedly say this tea does all of the above.
This tea has amazing benefits and is full of flavour. It is pretty strong and not for those who dislike a very leafy taste.
If I drink this tea about 1 hour before bed I find I am in the perfect head space for a comfortable and deep sleep. Give it a try!
Cost: This beauty is a bit more expensive and sits around $10 for 18 individually packaged tea bags. Buy it from any health foods retailer.

Tea number 3:

T2 Apple Crumble:

This is my desert tea (that I drink any time of the day, haha). It has a wonderful fresh and fruity taste that leaves you wanting more.
It is a loose leaf fruit tea so you will need a strainer. Always a good excuse to go shopping if you don’t have one. (There are wonderful and colourful tea pots on the market now!).
You literally see the little apple chunks in this tea- you do have to put a lot in the tea-pot to get the full flavour but it is a beautiful way to feel like you are having desert without eating anything.
Buy it from: local shops that sell T2 and T2 stores or on their website.
Cost: is around $25 for a packet that lasts about a month or so, depending on how crazy you go!
So there you have it.
A short list of my 3 favourite teas that I’m sure will grow as more and more teas come on the market. I love actually sitting down and having a cup of tea as it is a great way to practice mindfulness. Another great way to practise mindfulness is by meditation. Have you checked out my post on the best guided meditations? If not, click here!
I am about to try the Skinny Me Tea 28 day detox where you take 2 specially made teas a day, one in the morning and one at night, I thought I would give it a try to see for myself if there are any benefits. Stay tuned as I will write an honest review about it once I’m done to keep you guys in the loop!
Let me know if you have any teas to suggest! I would love to find a really good peppermint tea!
Lee X

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