4 Ways to Generate Feelings of Gratitude in Your Life

Gratitude is one of the best qualities we can have. This quality holds immense power and can produce many wonderful benefits, both towards yourself and others. I find generating feelings of gratitude everyday helps me to live a happier life and has boosted my relationship with tasks I don’t particularly enjoy. You too can get the benefits from practising gratitude.


There is something incredible about sitting down at the end of the day and reflecting on all the things you are thankful for.

Generating feelings of gratitude not only creates happiness but boosts your over all self-esteem. I have found practising gratitude has even helped to snap me out of depressive episodes. One way I practise gratitude everyday is through a gratitude diary. Its simple, easy and doesn’t take up a lot of time.

I have created a list below of the main benefits I have found from generating feelings of gratitude and some possible tips and tricks you could use to introduce more gratitude into your life. Hopefully you all get some benefit from this!

My top 4 benefits of practising gratitude:

1. Increased self esteem:

Creating feelings of gratitude actually helps to make you feel better. I have found my over all self-esteem has been lifted with a simple acknowledgement of the wonderful things I have in my life. While you’re reading this ask yourself- what wonderful people and things do you have in your life?

2. Wellbeing:

Pretty similar to the above. My mental well-being has been overall more positive when I practice gratitude. I find when I am feeling depressed and thinking my life is a downer, practising gratitude has helped me to snap out of my funk and realise I have it good. It’s a powerful tool changing your mindset and it isn’t always easy. Are you feeling a little down in the dumps? If so, I highly recommend you give practising gratitude a try!

3. Positivity:

Who doesn’t want to be more positive. I find practising gratitude has led me to be a lot more positive towards myself, my future and other people. If I come across a difficult person I am more tolerant and understanding towards them (They all have things going on in their life that I have no idea about). The clear and happy mindset I can build with gratitude is indescribable. It helps me in so many areas as I want to be kinder towards others, look after myself and I feel as though I have more time. Would you love to be more tolerant towards those annoying people?

4. Feelings of warmth towards others:

Rolling on from the above. This is a biggy as a lot of us are pretty concerned about ourselves, I am very guilty of this. Often, I find when I generate feelings of gratitude I am able to be more accepting towards other people as I have more time for them, including family and friends. It’s a wonderful feeling supporting and helping those close to you.

4 Practises to try:

1. A gratitude journal. 

It’s always good to get the numerous thoughts out of your head and visually in front of you. I find stationary shopping super fun and a gratitude journal is a great excuse to go shopping for a gorgeous looking book and pen, it’s nice to treat yourself to something that will help to increase your well-being.

Having a gratitude journal is also a nice way to detach yourself a little from your problems and view all the great things you have in your life.

I would recommend writing in your journal before bed as off loading your thoughts may help you to sleep better. This is also a wonderful time to be grateful for having a roof over your head and somewhere to sleep.

I would also suggest putting your book in an obvious place so it becomes routine, maybe even under your pillow so you don’t forget? With regular practise you will notice the improvements it has on your mental health.

But please remember…
It is okay if you do not feel very grateful every day. don’t put pressure on yourself. just do what you can. Maybe you are just grateful for having a bed to sleep on? Or for the sun coming up? Being alive is always pretty awesome.

2. A gratitude meditation: 

Yes, I am a big believer in meditation. Have you checked out my post on a few wonderful guided meditations? If not, please check it out by clicking here. There are plenty gratitude mediations out there on YouTube and I really enjoy the one by Calm. If you don’t get a lot of spare time in your day then take 5 minutes of your lunch break to tune into gratitude. Start by having a look around you and find something to be thankful for, take 5 or 6 deep breaths and focus on whatever it is you are grateful for in that moment, it could even be the cool breeze on a hot summers day.

3. Gratitude walk or cooking: 

You really can generate gratitude anywhere. I find making a nice meal for my partner is an incredible way to practise gratitude for the food we are able to enjoy.  Going for a walk is not only a great way to take some time out and exercise but is an awesome opportunity to practise gratitude. Are you enjoying the beautiful sun shining down on you? Or the peaceful chirp of the birds? Maybe, the lovely smile the stranger passing by just gave you? There are plenty of opportunities to take a minute and be grateful for your surroundings.

4. Do something nice for someone you care about: 

This not only gives them warm fuzzies but helps you to show your gratitude and will humble your heart. This really could be anything. Maybe you could take your friend out for coffee? Or, clean your parents house? Or, send some flowers to your loved one? How about ringing up your grandparents? There are endless ways to show you care about someone.

Remember, you don’t always feel like being grateful as your mindset changes from time to time.  If you are feeling down one day please don’t put pressure on yourself to be super happy or grateful. Just be thankful that the sun has come up and leave it at that.

My most important tip is to share gratitude around like a disease! What are you grateful for? Let everyone know, including me!


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With love,

Lee X  

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    1. Hey Andrew, glad you like the idea! It’s a super useful tool hey, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up a regular practise.

  1. Great ideas here. I try to do some meditation daily but usually get side tracked or push it off to when I’m too tired. Good reminders to make more of a concerted effort!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Brian! I hope it has given you the little reminder you need. I am also very guilty of putting it to one side when I’m tired and I guess that’s when you will most benefit from it! Keep it up!