Hot Water Beach: A Unique Experience in the North Island

Hot Water Beach is actually a real thing guys! I was blown away and also a tad guttered I didn’t realise it existed until a few weeks ago. This place reaffirms my amazement for nature’s creativity. You literally sit on the beach in your own personal hand-made sauna. A wonderful and relaxing experience.


This incredible place is located about 2 hours from Auckland in the beautiful Coromandel Peninsular, just south of Cathedral Cove (This is another wonderful place I talk about in my blog post, here).

Getting there:

Coromandel is about 2.5 hours from Auckland city. There are buses that run from Auckland but the ones I found were expensive and it was just easier to hire a car.

Follow state highway 25 all the way up until the right turn down Hot Water Beach Road. You need to follow the road all the way up past the car park with an information sign and the turn off to the top 10 holiday park.

Definitely stop at the cafe to your right (they have amazing food). They even have spades available for hire (We didn’t use one, we just used our hands, but when I saw others with a spade I was kind of jealous, so up to you!)

Follow the road past the cafe and down to the car park and make your way across the beach and little cold water stream to the wonderful hot water!

The hot water is located in a little stream in the middle of the bank and the ocean. You have to walk a wee way down the beach to get to the spot (see photo). One thing to take note of is the fact the hot water is only accessible 2 hours before and 2 hours after low tide! Outside of these times the cold ocean will be covering this stream up. To find out what the tides are like just give google a quick search, simple as.

hot water becah
Head towards the middle of the beach by the boulder.

The knack:

There is a little trick to getting the best out of the hot water stream! What you need to do is make a pool that the water will flow into (sometimes it got too hot and we would block off the water, other times it was getting chilly so we opened our make shift bank and let the hot water trickle back in). I would suggest parking yourself just to the left or right of the stream and angle your pool in a way that the water flows in and out. If you’re stuck I am sure others will be there to nosey off!

During our visit there were quite a few people alongside us (and we went in winter). I can only imagine how busy the place must get in summer. I would recommend heading there in winter as the water is very hot and a great way to warm up from the cool air around you. Watch out for overheating as I had to venture into the ocean for a dip and come back to the pool to warm back up again. I would probably be a sweaty mess in summer!

If you get the chance 100% go here, this place is probably my #1 spot in NZ so far!

Let me know if you have ever been to a hot water beach in the comments. I would love to put more on my bucket list.

Lee X

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