Cathedral Cove New Zealand: One Place You Need to Visit in the North Island

Cathedral Cove is an incredible part of NZ’s surreal beauty, located in the calm Coromandel Peninsular. The landmark is known for its walk though arch way and soft smooth beaches with popular kayaking, boating, snorkelling and diving activities near by.

Walking through the cove is a pretty incredible experience and a must do to get to the beautiful beach on the other side. I felt very small and insignificant next to the giant arch way and powerful rock structures. Be sure to watch out for the water falling from the roof of the arch way as it caught me off guard!

cathedral cove

Getting there:

To get to the cove you take a 30 minute walk down a well-marked and beautiful track.

To be honest finding the car park to get to the beginning of the walk was a bit of a mission. We came from hot water beach Β (check out my post about this incredible place by clicking here) and followed the signs. Little did we know some of the signs are designed to trick you!

Note to all: DO NOT turn off at the first sign that says Cathedral Cove (what the heck right?!) because that leads you to a car park which is miles away from the beginning of the walk.

When we pulled up to the car park we figured we had done something wrong as there was literally no one else parked there. I have since come to the conclusion that the car park is where the tour buses drop off and pick up from…

What you need to do:

Is continue up to the shops in Hahei, over the speed bumps and then follow the sign to Cathedral Cove (promise). Follow the road all the way up the hill until you get to a car park. I guarantee there will be others parked there and this is where your walk begins.

Head down the steps and make your way onto the well-marked concrete track. The walk is pretty easy with only small hills and is about 30- 45 minutes long.

There are a couple of seats to take a breather if you need (if you are any thing like us and relaxed on hot water beach all day, these seats come in handy).

You have reached the end of the walkway as soon as you get to a bunch of steep steps (see photo below). Here is where you make your descent for the beautiful beaches.Β cathedral cove walk

You made it!

Turn left as soon as you get to the bottom of the stairs to head towards the cove. You can’t miss it! However, if you are anything like me you will probably look towards the south end of the beach and think the tide is too high and you won’t be able to make it through the arch way. (Don’t look south, the cove is definitely to your left!).

Take your time and enjoy! Β I was in awe at the incredible colour of the sand leading through the cove and the overall beauty of the place. It really is a magical and peaceful spot.

Do take caution because apparently the cove is now a rock fall hazard. You can tell as you walk through the cove and see the other rock structure, that once upon a time I guarantee was connected to the cliff. It will be a sad day when this cove erodes.

When you are done taking in the beauty around you head back up the way you came. Make sure you have some jandles so you don’t get sand in your socks and also because walking barefoot up the hill is a little hard going!

Let me know in the comments if you have been here and if not, where your favourite cove or natural rock structure is in the world!

Lee X

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