Whispering Falls: A Walk in Nelson, New Zealand that Will Blow Your Mind

Whispering Falls is 100% the BEST walk I have done in Nelson. The walk is full of an enormous amount of natural beauty, taking you on a magical journey through native bush, incredible limestone and gorgeous mini waterfalls. There is beauty in every nook and cranny of this walk and I guarantee you will be in awe the whole 2 hours. 

So, How Do You Get There?!

The walk is situated about 20 minutes drive out of Richmond in a place called Hacket valley, just next to Aniseed Valley. Follow the Aniseed Valley Road all the way up until you see the sign for Hacket Valley.

Don’t be worried if you think you have driven too far because you haven’t! Just when I thought we were lost boom, there we were.

Drive down to the car park and you will be greeted by a sign near the bridge that indicates the different walking tracks and times. The walk to Whispering Falls is about a 2 hour return trip (including the small river crossing). 

All you need to do is cross the bridge next to the sign (that I am sure people jump off in summer) and and make your way into a beautiful adventure.

The Walk:

The walk starts off on an open gravel road and soon singles in to a walking track. Be sure to follow the orange markers and do not take the turnoff up the massive hill (there is a sign that warns you not to go up that way).

You will be greeted by a rushing river on your right hand side that after crossing the awesome swing bridge (photo above), will be on your left. Take in the immense power of the river and beauty of the lush green forest.

After the swing bridge the track can be a little thin in parts so watch out for slippage! 

Walk on up until until the track ends and you reach the river. To carry on to the falls you have to do a river crossing which is a lot of fun but make sure you are careful! We went up the river a tad to where it wasn’t so deep and made our crossing. (It was the middle of winter and freezing but well worth it!)

You have to walk up some rugged rocks to get back onto the track. There is a fence that indicates where you need to get to. (See the fence in the middle left of the photo above).

Tired? Keep Going!

Once you have made it to the fence continue on up and follow the track. There will be a sign a little way up that will direct you to the falls. Eventually you will make it to another bridge that brings you closer to the trickling waterfalls. 

Walk up to the left of the hill and you will see some steps that take you to more of the incredible waterfalls. 

This is where the walk turns truly spectacular. The rushing falls, limestone rocks and mini pools really make you appreciate the beauty and creativity of nature. 

Not Long Now…

Just when you think the walk couldn’t get any better, it does. You end up walking next to a cliff face that has water falling like a shower.

Again, keep on going! The track only gets better with more waterfalls! 

If you keep on walking up you will eventually make it to this steep hill that is worth the climb as you will be greeted by a picnic table at the top. (A great place to have your lunch and reflect on the incredible sights you have just seen).

Once you are done head back down the way you came and be careful as it may be a tad slippery.

A bonus of this walk? Dogs are allowed.

I hope you enjoy this walk as much as I did! Also, let me know of more places I must visit in NZ in the comments!

waterfallwaterfall shower

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Lee X

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