The Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger award

I am extremely grateful to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you had told me a couple of months ago people would be actually reading my blog (other than my mum and dad) and enjoying it, I would have looked at you with a raised eyebrow. But now I’m starting to feel as though maybe this is a place I belong.

versatile blogger award

The Versatile Blogger Award is all about bloggers sharing the love and supporting fellow bloggers who are doing some quality, heart felt and passionate stuff. The criteria for the nomination involves considering the quality of the bloggers writing, uniqueness of the subjects covered and the level of love displayed in the words (or the virtual page).

I guess travellinglikeanaquarius thinks I display these things! So here is a little about the wonderful and incredible blogger who nominated me…


founded by Sarah Rangeley, an international flight attendant from beautiful Australia. Sarah is quite possibly one of the kindest people I have met (virtually) and she shares the most quirky and exciting places that she adventures to (especially where to find a great coffee abroad). The theme of her blog is travelling like an aquarius, who I understand to be creative, honest, friendly and free-spirited. You will get to experience all of these themes in her blog as she is one of the most real and down to earth bloggers I have seen. Definitely check out her page!

The blogging community has become like my family and there are so many wonderful and incredible people doing amazing things out there. I am over the moon to be apart of this ever growing network and believe the Versatile Blogger award is the perfect drop of courage we need to keep on going.

That being said I would absolutely love to nominate two of my fellow bloggers who I think display all of the qualities mentioned above and more!

1. Neurotravels



Sara is one smart cookie! She combines her love for science and travelling into an exciting blog. She is a neuroscientist, who in the past few years has travelled Austria, Switzerland, Australia and even built up enough courage to stay and study abroad. She isn’t afraid to put her passion out there and I find her to be exceptionally inspiring, creative and positive. I can feel her passion and love for her work in her words and photos. I recommend you having a look at her page!

2. Witloveyuri


Yuri is an absolute gorgeous soul who brings joy and love into everything she posts! She truly makes me smile. Her blog is about her travels around the globe while being a humble follower of God and a beautiful wife. I love her positive and heart felt words as I am sure you will if you check out her page!

Another part of the requirement of being nominated as a Versatile Blogger is to write 7 fun facts about yourself so your readers can get to know you a little better! So here goes…

  1. I like to jump over a pole backwards: I guess that sounds a little strange… but it is more commonly known as high jump. Ever since I can remember I have been doing this fun and flexy activity, summer after summer. I even managed to make it to a National Ranking a couple of times. My best being yr 12 of high school.
  2. I am a newbie vegetarian: Since March this year I have jumped on the vegetarian band waggon. I’m not trying to follow popular culture, I just really believe killing animals for food is wrong- I love them so much. After watching a video of a cow being brutalised by humans I was determined never to eat meat again. How many of you could actually kill an animal if it came down to it? I know I couldn’t.
  3. I have had my nose pierced 4 times: Just a random fact for the day. My mum was wild when I first did it at age 16 and overtime I have come to side with her. (It is a bit of a nuisance when washing your face so I might not get it done again – we will see).
  4. I have a one eyed bunny rabbit: He is such a gorgeous fluffy thing but has a bit of a temper… The reason for his one eye happens to be because he wouldn’t stop chasing my parents chickens (while trying to hump them). Fair to say one of them got fed up!
  5. I am obsessed with waffles: My partner and I are are obsessed with waffles. I mean obsessed as in eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner… We brought a waffle iron about 4 months ago and have never looked back.
  6. I am studying the bible: I am a serious over thinker and can’t help but be dissatisfied with the current way of the world. I truly believe it wasn’t meant to be like this and I often find myself asking the big question, why are we here? I’m finding bible study extremely encouraging and providing me with some pretty satisfying answers.
  7. I can roll my tongue like a Mexican wave: It’s a pretty cool party trick! My dad told me to stop doing it because it would make me talk funny. I didn’t believe him. But as usual, he was right and I did start to talk with a lisp the more I practised! It’s definitely just a party trick now.

Thanks for reading!

Lee X



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  1. Thank you so, so much for the nomination you sweet thing! And that so early in my blogging career 😀
    I love your writing! You are inspiring! And your fun facts are amazing hahah! made my morning-coffee! 😃 send you much love!

    1. You are so very welcome Sara, keep up your awesome work! And thank you for your kind words!! <3 Lots of love xx

  2. I’m new in the blogging world, and I’ve never heard of this award until now! Such a cool honor to be nominated. Congrats!!
    I completely relate to your first paragraph about wondering if people other than my parents will want to read what I have to say. Can’t wait to find my place like you have!

    1. I didn’t know about it before I received it! It caught me by surprise! Thank you. Haha, I am glad you relate! I think if we just keep on doing what we are passionate about then eventually/hopefully people will catch on! <3