2 Must See Attractions in Golden Bay, New Zealand

The Golden Bay area is a picture perfect place with endless activities. Since I love the Golden Bay area so much I have gathered together another 2 places you absolutely MUST visit!

1. Pupu Springs

This is a must see tourist attraction. These natural springs hold some of the clearest water in the world. The water has such a strong current. Apparently, the the amount of water that comes out per second is enough to full 40 bath tubs!

Getting there:

From Takaka head north about 5 minutes until you see the sign for Pupu Valley Road. Take a left turn not long down the road and continue on until you reach the car park. (There are toilets).

Upon entering to the walk there are wonderful signs giving you great information about Maori history and the significance of the springs.

The Walk:

After you’re done taking in all the information head down either path, left or right (they both take you to the springs). The beautiful river that flows down the path next to you is very clear and even has a few deep blue pools to admire. Keep walking up until you get to either the viewing platform (if coming from the left track) or the first spring (if coming from the right). First or last you will come across a smaller spring which is right next to Pupu Springs. Head on up to the viewing platform if you haven’t already made your way there.

Pupu Springs
The first spring

I wish they had an underwater viewing platform because I feel like you don’t get to see the springs in their entirety. Nonetheless, you still get to admire the beautiful water. I was blown away with the amount of water there was and how fast it was flowing. The little ripples in the water where the springs come up is also pretty amazing.

Hopefully it will be a nice hot and sunny day so you can get some awesome photos!

2. Wharariki Beach 

This is definitely one of my favourite places on earth and it is located just down the road in Golden Bay, I feel so lucky! It is an absolute dream. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling you get when you walk onto this beautiful, open and distinct beach. It really is a paradise.

Getting there:

The beach is located about 35 minutes drive from Collingwood, not too far from Farewell Spit. The road is nice and scenic so the 35 minutes is well spent. The last leg of the drive moves onto a gravel road (careful of the potholes). Follow the road up past the beach camp and if you’re lucky you might see some majestic horses on the way! Head all the way down the road until you reach the car park and then start your walk to the beach.

Wharariki Beach
Rock pool with baby seals

The walk takes about 15 minutes and is an absolute dream. Be sure to take the path to the right (it’s well sign posted) if you want to get there in that time because the left path is quite a bit longer!

The walk is filled with luscious green rolling hills and amazing views. (It reminded me of the Teletubbies).

Walk on over the wee steps and venture on to the sand. Follow the track up a tiny hill and then you’re free to go zooming down the sand dunes!

You arrived!

Take in the beauty around you and be sure to check out the rock pools right in the middle of the beach next to the intense waves. Hopefully you will catch a glimpse of baby seals playing in the water! There is also a cave to the right. While we were there a massive seal was having a snooze in the cave and it woke up and waddled towards us.

Watch out for the sand as it may just smash you in the face (maybe take a hoodie to protect yourself) but the view is worth it and the sand is calmer the closer to the beach you get. When we were there the sand was moving towards us in a trance on its journey to the dunes. It was a magical experience!

It honestly is a special place. GO THERE! My description does not even begin to explain its beauty.

Lee X



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