The Grampians Walkaway: A Hill Climb in Nelson, New Zealand That Will Make You Sweat

The Grampians will make you sweat, I promise! 

This is an amazing walk right in the heart of Nelson city. You seriously don’t have to go far to be in the midst of nature. The walk has a good variety of forest and open plains, giving you amazing views of the city while helping you to work up a sweat, winning!

Getting There:

The Grampians can be accessed through many points but the main access route is at the end of Collingwood Street. You will need to walk up the hilly street, alongside immaculate houses, until you reach the grampians sign and a perfectly placed seat. Feel free to take a rest because even that hill is tiring!


The walk:

Next, there will be a gate, walk on through and follow the signs. There are a few varying paths, which kind of confused me (but I get lost everywhere, the first time my boyfriend and I did this we ended up off route, walking up this ridiculously steep, uneven part of the hill).

Tip- If the track doesn’t look defined, don’t walk up it!!

Once you have walked through the first gate you will be greeted by a V in the track. Go right! Because left is super hard and an uneven track. Continue on and turn left towards the seat to avoid the 4 wheel drive track. From there head on up the zig zag path and you’re on your way!

You will end up following the zig zag track for roughly 5 minutes until it starts to get easier and level out.

Pass on through the kissing gate and up the hill you go all the way to the lookout! There are a few other kissing gates and seats along the way so there is plenty of options to take a rest if needed.

At the cattle crossing take the right turn to head straight to the beautiful lookout with panoramic views of Nelson and the surrounding ocean and mountains. If you feel like a bit more of a hike, head on up to the tower. (The view isn’t as good from up there).


Once you’re done taking in all of the amazing views head back down the way you came. Be sure to stay straight and don’t take the turn that says Brook Street! Follow your nose and you should make it down alive!

If you are visiting Nelson then definitely take the time to do this short hike. I’m sure most people in Nelson have ventured up here once or twice in their lives because it is so easily accessible! The track is also Dog friendly!

The whole walk takes around 1 -1.15 up and down. If you’re in the area and don’t have a lot of spare time but want to get out and about, then this is the hike for you!

I hope you enjoy!

Lee X

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