How to Feel Freedom while Working in a Stressful 9-5 Job

If you are reading this then it is likely you are struggling through a stressful 9-5 job (or similar) and are not particularly happy.

The sad thing is: This is more common than it should be.

The good thing is: You are not alone.

The society we live in is full of the most ridiculous forms of pressure that never seem to end. From pleasing your boss to being stuck in traffic to dealing with outrageous customers, there are endless reasons you may be feeling negative towards your current employment. This post is written for those of you in mind to  give you some encouragement, tips and tricks to try that will hopefully help you to endure your current working situation until you can find the ideal lifestyle you deserve. 

My first tip is: Practise mindfulness

Mindfulness is being conscious in the present moment. At work it is easy to get lost in your day and forget to take time for yourself. I find mindful breaks not only help me to take control of moments in my day but also help me to be more productive. They are easy enough to do and can be as simple as focusing on the cup of tea or coffee you are about to take a sip of!

If you want to learn some nifty mindful techniques definitely take a listen to Rachael Kable’s podcast. She gives really good insight on how to be mindful in your everyday life.

I really like her example of mindful drinking. Take a drink bottle with you to work (or your drink of choice) and really engage in the act of drinking. Feel it move down your throat, feel the sensation of its temperature and pay attention to the taste. This should help you to focus your mind on the present moment and take a break from whatever you were doing before.

Another good example is spraying a mist (I use an essential oil anti-stress spray that I made up and put into a bottle). Use your mist and take a deep inhale while you spray it. This will help you to relax while also giving you pleasure from smelling a sent you enjoy.

Tip number 2: Meditation

This is a really good way to detach yourself from your working day and take some much-needed time out. I find short meditations in my tea or lunch break really help to calm my thoughts and give me greater control over the day. If you want to listen to some short guided meditations head over to my recent blog post here.

Tip number 3: Use your lunch break wisely

Using your lunch break wisely can really help you to get the most out of your day and leave the worries of work behind for a while. I really value getting out of my work building. Going for a walk or run is easy to do if you plan the night before. All you need to do is bring your sneakers to work, a packed lunch and some deodorant and you’re good to go! Alternatively you can bike or swim, whatever it is you enjoy!

If you only get 30 minutes or less for your break then this doesn’t leave you with a lot of time. How about reading a book, doing some mindful shopping or listening to music? Try your best to do something, ANYTHING and you will get more value out of your day.

Tip number 4: Take time to pack your lunch 

This also makes you look forward to your breaks. By taking the time to plan your meals you can make delicious and healthy food! (Or sneaky chocolate biscuits). Once a week I like to buy my lunch, so that’s an extra day to look forward to!

Tip number 5: Try your best

I got this tip from the four agreements book (you can read about it here). It is amazingly true that if you try your best you feel better about yourself!

Sometimes it is hard to try your best when you have no motivation and would rather have a nap.

If you get into the habit of just doing enough to get by then you end up letting yourself down and this is not beneficial to your energy level. I have found that trying my best to achieve goals and keep busy outside of work has in hand benefited my working day, as I want to do more and be more involved! Hopefully this tip can work for you too!

Tip number 6: Quirk up your dress code

I like to add a personal touch to office attire. This has helped me feel like I have a little control and not so dominated by rules and regulations. A nice bright scarf in winter could add extra spice to your wardrobe or even wearing a necklace, earrings or bracelet that you would wear outside of work is cool too. I remember my first set of office clothes looked nothing like me! I felt really weird and uncomfortable. Slowly, I added my touch and felt as though I regained some power (If you have a strict dress code then you will only be able to do so much, but if you can, sneak in a few extra colours- I dare ya!).

Tip number 7: Always plan something to look forward to outside of work

This is key to feeling free and not getting overwhelmed by the work environment. I find that if I have something to look forward to then the days are easier and I am not getting so overwhelmed with the monotony of work.

Tip number 8: Look for another job

If you really can’t stand the 9-5 then have a look around for another job! This will give you power and make you feel like you actually do have choices. If you don’t want to look for another job then set your mind to other activities that will give you hope for a better life. Maybe you could study or look at starting your own business? Or save to travel? Or start a blog in the hope it will lead you to a better life!

And finally,

Tip number 9: Care less

Caring less doesn’t mean working less. I find when I am not so involved in the conversations that are going on in my workplace to do with systems and procedures I don’t feel so weighed down. If you detach yourself a little from these types of things you will feel lighter. I’m not saying slack off and don’t do your work, I’m saying don’t take it so seriously. Work is not the be all and end all.  At the end of the day it’s just a job and it doesn’t need to rule your life!

This post is really aimed at those looking to move on from their job one day, but in the meantime finding a way to get by without hating every minute of it. Best of luck and I hope some of these tips work for you!!

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With love,

Lee X

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  1. This is my favourite post yet! I’m about to enter the 9-5 real world so this is so inspiring and helpful! So proud of you and stick at it! X

    1. Thank you so much Sophie!! I’m so glad to help you out! The 9-5 real world is a tad scary but I’m sure you will manage! Always here if you need more tips and tricks xxx

  2. Love this post 😍
    Definitely keen to try some of these out!
    I keep meaning to try mindfulness but never get round to it 😓 Really need to make the effort to give it a go and it’s so handy to have these ideas of apps to use to start me off!

    1. As soon as you do it once you will be hooked!! Mindfulness can be as simple as paying attention to the cold water on your hands! So excited for you to try this out! 🙂