2 Books that Teach Valuable Life Lessons You Need to Know

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Valuable life lessons… Who doesn’t need these? When it comes to achieving our goals we are often faced with self-doubt and insecurity. I for one find myself confronted by negative thoughts and frequently question the “what if?.

I am sure you all have pondered on this question once or twice. Although negativity often surrounds our thoughts when we are trying to branch out and experiment with new things and ways of living, there is good news; It doesn’t have to be this way.

I will relay some valuable life lessons I have learnt that will hopefully inspire you to live more freely. This post is dedicated to teaching you how to achieve your dreams and live a life with limited negative self-talk, while also teaching you to dream and live like you never have before.

I hope you enjoy these 2 books and the valuable life lessons they teach!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo 

This is probably my favourite book of all time. The amount of life lessons you learn in this book is truly incredible, it was the first book I read and really connected to. It’s all about one’s journey to self-discovery. The book is really simple and easy to read, on every page there is something to meditate on and benefit from.

The Alchemist speaks about achieving our goals and reminds us that the only person stopping us from achieving our goals is in fact, OURSELF.

At times we happen to be our own worst enemy.

This book encourages you to strive for what you want and to make it happen. You will figure out how to overcome hurdles along the way and yes you will take wrong turns but that is all apart of the journey, just take it step by step.

“when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The key messages I found in this book were:

Be patient: Good things take time. If you really want to achieve your goals, you will get there.

Follow your dreams: If you truly want something opportunities will be presented to you in ways you will least expect.

Listen to the wisdom of others: I don’t know about you but I truly respect my elders and believe you can learn a little something from anyone with life experience. When the King presented himself to Santiago he really benefited from listening to him.

Is there anyone around you who could teach you a thing or two? Talk to them and find out!

We all have a personal legend: We are what we want to accomplish. Everyone’s personal legend will be different and that is okay, being unique is a good thing!

The four agreements by Don Miguel 

This book is an amazing tool teaching you valuable life lessons that help you to find freedom in today’s crazy, hectic and mad world. At its core this book teaches the fundamental truth; we needlessly suffer in this world. We are all unnecessary judges and victims. The book teaches easy habits to incorporate into your life to live in a way that will change you for the better. If you understand these 4 agreements then you truly can live more fully and freely.

Number 1: Be impeccable with your word

“You have my word” I’m sure we have all heard this before. If I had to pick just one of the valuable life lessons this book teaches well… this would be it! This agreement teaches that if you can be impeccable with your word you will avoid unnecessary gossip and judgement.

I love it, it is so true!

If you speak with integrity you stop yourself from saying negative things or sharing gossip which ultimately protects yourself from something coming back to bite you. You can speak from the heart and share positivity and good vibes with your word. This can be a really hard practise to get into but the more you try, the better you will get and the better you will feel.

At the end of the day you own your word, so use it for the good of yourself and others.

Number 2: Don’t take anything personally

This is a pretty fundamental practise and helps you to avoid becoming a victim of needless suffering. It is like throwing you a lifeline. We are all guilty of dwelling on what someone thinks of us, over complicating our thoughts and feeling regret about something we said or did.

If someone ignores you or snaps at you it is extremely hard not to take this personally. This agreement teaches you that in reality these actions have nothing to do with you but are simply a projection of a person’s own reality.

I remember listening to a podcast about a lady who gave up a kidney (The podcast is called strangers and the episode was about Elizabeth and Mary). One person posted a negative comment on a Facebook post about how she didn’t like Elizabeth. The host of the show went on and asked why this lady posted a negative comment about Elizabeth, who has done such an amazing thing. The lady said it was because she thought that Elizabeth probably wouldn’t like her as a person, so in a sense that made her not like Elizabeth. The comment was really interesting as on the face of it, it looked as though the lady was targeting Elizabeth personally but in reality the comment had nothing to do with Elizabeth and was about the ladies own insecurities.

This agreement teaches you to become immune to the opinions and actions of others and this my friends, is true freedom.

Number 3: Don’t make assumptions

This agreement teaches an extremely valuable life lesson encouraging you to talk to others, ask questions and avoid misunderstandings. I have really benefited from this teaching as it has taught me not to dwell on my thoughts. I often assume someone is annoyed with me or that I did something wrong and I tend to assume how someone is feeling or what someone is thinking, when in reality I have no idea. Are you also guilty of this?

Making assumptions is a common practise I’ve noticed in myself and others. It’s a hard habit to break, but when you do your life will become easier and there will be less to worry about.

Ultimately, if you don’t assume, you relive yourself from pointless worrying. Ask questions, be patient and try your best not to tell yourself a false story.

Number 4: Always do your best

This agreement is key and another valuable life lesson to keep a note of everyday. It talks about avoiding self judgement, self-abuse and regret.

This is honestly so true, your best changes from time to time.

Below are a few examples from my life where I should have appreciated my best as it was at the time. I would love to hear some of your stories in the comments!

  1. I remember over the summer I was so frustrated with myself for not getting a Personal Best in high jump and I failed to realise that I had just started full-time work, I wasn’t eating enough and I was over training. No wonder I didn’t get a PB! I was doing my absolute best for the situation I had put myself in.
  2. When I was having a depressive day and it was really hard to feel good with what I had accomplished I would usually go to bed really early and shut myself off. I dreaded the idea of work the next day. But somehow I managed to pick myself up and actually get up and go to work. I should have praised myself for doing my best in that moment.

I’ve now learnt to feel happy with myself when I try my best. When I’m at work and I can’t be bothered it’s really hard to do this and I could easily slack off but, when I do my best I feel so much more important and work seems worthwhile.

If you do try your best in any situation you will feel better! You honestly will.

My advice to you is to be patient, accept the challenge and give accepting your best a go!

I hope you all have enjoyed my 2 favourite books I think teach incredibly valuable life lessons and hopefully they have inspired you to grab life, get out there and chase your dreams!


Lee X

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