5 Guided Meditations that Will Ease Anxiety and Depression

Meditation is INCREDIBLE. I can not explain how much meditation has changed my life. It has been an enormous player in my fight against anxiety and depression and is helping me to lead a more positive life.

I find that if I don’t meditate every morning I feel incomplete, kind of like when you miss your morning coffee or forget to take your pill. It’s become apart of me and it can become apart of you too.

Sometimes I enjoy guided meditations, other times I enjoy listening to the natural sounds around me. It all depends on how focused or where I am.

Do you like to meditate?

That’s awesome.

Maybe not?

That’s cool too, it’s not for everyone.

Haven’t tried it? Then I urge you to give it a go!

Below is a list of my top 5 guided 10 minute meditations that you should definitely try out, even if you’ve meditated before!

Number 1:

Guided Meditation to ease Anxiety, Worry, Overthinking & Urgency

I absolutely love this meditation and her soothing voice. She teaches you how to relax your breath and reach a state of peace and calm. This meditation really does what it says it will do: Reduce over thinking and anxiety. I love that you feel supported and as though you really can overcome your thoughts.

This meditation is perfect at any time but I really like listening to it first thing in the morning, it’s a good way to set the right intentions for the day.

Afterwards I felt: Very relaxed and ready to go into the day leaving behind my controlling, over thinking mind.

Number 2:

Positive Thinking Meditation: Endorphin Meditation with Positive Affirmations 


This meditation transports you to a distant land full of peace and serenity. It is hard not to get lost in her soothing and relaxing voice. Your problems feel insignificant as you drift away into tranquility. I absolutely love how it touches on gratitude and helps you to appreciate the natural world and its beauty. It talks about natures capacity for renewal and how we too can be renewed.

Afterwards I felt: Like I was truly relaxed, supported and cleansed. I also felt gratitude for the natural world around me and I had a new appreciation for nature and the human body.

Number 3: Mindfulness Meditation

This is a hypnotic meditation that makes you feel as though you are floating away, while at the same time focusing on the present moment. The meditation uses mindfulness which is exceptionally powerful.

Being able to live in the moment is fundamental to a better wellbeing. I find myself constantly thinking of what to do next and forgetting to be still and actually focus on the what is happening in the present moment.

We are all guilty of overthinking and dwelling, telling ourselves numerous stories based off a single thought. Learning to detach meaning to thoughts is a great skill to learn and can be accessed through mindfulness. This meditation gives you a few minutes at the end to just be still and focus on your breath, which is nice.

Afterwards I felt: Alive and connected to my body and self.

Number 4: Guided Meditation For Positive Energy

Another gem from Positive Magazine. Again, her voice is incredibly calming. This mediation focuses on the breath and touches on renewal. I find breathing meditations to be particularly beneficial as it helps my whole body to relax (when I go into the meditation with a focused mindset).

I love the music on this video, it is very energetic. I also love the experience of breathing in positivity and letting out any negativity or tension that has clogged me up. Any trace of negativity feels as though it has literally being sucked away.

Afterwards I felt: Like I could tackle the day with a lifted spirit and a tension free body.

Number 5: Any of the meditations from Calm (available for download on iPhone app store and google play store)

The app is a must have if you want to meditate! (or their website) It is absolutely amazing, you can listen to nature sounds or the natural sounds around you while being guided by a soothing voice. If you don’t want to pay then no worries there are still plenty of free meditations available.

My favourite free meditation is Loving Kindness. 

This is another good breathing meditation. What I particularly liked about this meditation is the way it helped my relationships with myself and others.

May I be happy, may I be safe, may I be healthy, may I be at peace. These words are all exceptionally powerful. I found that after listening for a few times I was able to generate positive feelings towards myself. It also helped me to feel warmer towards people who were annoying or disturbing me.

The teaching on here is pretty fundamental to our wellbeing. Everyone should be able to be happy, heathy, safe and at peace.

Afterwards I felt: Kinder towards myself and others, ready to give out smiles and good energy.

Needless to say, there are countless good guided meditations out there that all help to ease minor anxiety and depression and they are not hard to find, but if you are new to meditation or in need of a go to list then hopefully I’ve been able to help you out.

If you’re keen for more I recommend heading over to Positive Magazine’s YouTube channel or the Calm website/app.

Peace and love,

Lee X

P.s I’m always keen to listen to new meditations so if you have any to recommend definitely flick me a message!

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